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We hope the frequently asked questions will help. If you cannot find the answer to your question, feel free to visit our contact page or fill out a contact form and we will get back to you!

We do not!!!!  

Our membership is open ended, you are not locked in. 
First and last is due upon enrollment. Membership fees are autobiweekly. 
Your membership at MMT gives you Unlimited Classes,  Open Gym and Full Access to our Strength and Conditioning Room.  

We have ZERO sign up fees as we would prefer you spend that hard-earned money on upgrading your gloves or maybe getting a new pair of shorts to train in!

Our memberships are on a Auto-biweekly payment basis (Every 2 weeks)

To cancel your membership, we require a formal email to be sent to clearly specifying your intentions within 7 days of your next scheduled authorized payment date. 

Of course! All beginners and those new to Muay Thai can start with one our introductory trial offers. 

We do offer a personal Intro to MuayThai Foundations at 6pm on Monday through Friday.  
Our classes are geared to all levels, with exception to fighter training and advanced classes.

Yes, we would love to host you.  Please contact us via email or phone so that we can direct you to the proper class.

We are a Member’s Only Gym, to maintain the integrity of our members, community and culture. We do NOT accept random walk-ins or casual classes.

A positive attitude and give 100% effort.


There are few essential things that you need to bring to training. These include:

For Boxing Classes
1. Boxing gloves

2. Hand wraps

3.Appropriate Attire

For Muay Thai Classes
1. Boxing gloves

2. Hand wraps

3.Appropriate Attire

For Strength & Conditioning Classes
1. Running shoes

2. Appropriate Attire


1. Water bottle


*Please keep in mind if you want to pursue a higher level of training.  Additional equipment like headgear, shin guards, elbow and knee pads are required.

These are all available in our Pro shop. We have a full range of equipment for purchase in-store and soon to be online.  

No, not at all.   We have found that a lot of people that want to join us are looking for something different.

A different way to achieve their fitness goals, learn new skills and train with a team of like-minded individuals.  Milton Muay Thai offers this and more. 

Yes we do…. Parking is located

  • Front of the building, between Units 601-607
  • Behind the building, directly in front of our garage doors.
  • At the end of the plaza, along the property fence-line.


Please do not double park or leave large gaps between vehicles.

Be mindful of the limited space we have so that everyone can come and enjoy class.

MMT is more than just a Martial Arts Gym. We have experienced, knowledgeable and friendly staff… It is a top-notch training facility,  all in one…… place. 

We take pride that we are a family-based community.   We strive to offer a space that is free from judgement, full of support and respect.

We are committed to help you achieve your goals.  In training with us, you will learn valuable life skills, gain confidence and will get the best work out and love every minute.

We train together, we fight together, we grow together.