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Milton Muay Thai is Halton's premier authentic Muay Thai and boxing gym. Learn Muay thai while learning about yourself. At MMT we do not discriminate, whether you want an intense workout or looking to sweat. Here at MMT we have it all. Work on fitness, technique and maybe one day step in the ring.

Achieve your goals with MMT.

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A community of supportive teachers, leaders and coaches. Our coaches lead fitness classes, boxing, weight training and everything else to help you reach your goals.

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Our experienced coaches train fighters of all levels. From beginners, losing a few extra pounds or training for that fight you always dream of. You’re in safe hands. 


Build a tough mindset to get you through your day. At MMT we will challenge you to challenge yourself. 


Top tier gym with over full socialy distant heavy bags, boxing ring, weight room and over 1700 square feet of space to kick butt.


Our fight team is one of  the best in the country. MMT has represented all over the world. Are you looking to fight?

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